We open the possibilities in vehicular design

A body structure that all vehicles need is rigidness, in order to support weight and stress and to securely tie together all of the individual components. Therefore, aluminium is well suited for use in vehicular design, as its mechanical properties as well as its light weight make it the responsible and sustainable choice.

Using aluminium for a car’s structure can lessen weight by as much as 30% compared to steel. Its low weight helps reduce the amount of fuel needed. As aluminium is fully recyclable, a large percentage of the car of the future could be made from 100% recycled aluminium, a truly sustainable vehicle. Suitable for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Aluminium from Emerus can be used for most aspects of the automotive industry. From extruded aluminium profiles through to a complete aluminium chassis, Emerus has the products, systems, expertise and solutions.



Green yet rigid structure

In his usage in transportation, so far aluminium has contributed to reducing the weight of road, rail, marine and aerospace.

The demand for aluminium in transport (as well as all other applications) is continuously increasing. As a general indicator, 1 kg of automotive aluminium substituted for a heavier material in a vehicle typically avoids 20 kg of greenhouse gas emissions during its operating life.


Electrical engineering


We follow the global trends

Long- known existing copper conductors are being replaced around the world, with companies tending to use aluminium wires when new power lines are constructed, especially in the low-voltage lines sector.

Using aluminium cables has a significant economic effect. First, aluminium is much cheaper than copper, second, a higher conductance of aluminium allows transmitting more electricity using the same infrastructure. As global power consumption continues to grow, grids cannot handle the existing load, the number of overloads and faults increases, and construction of new power lines is much more expensive than cable replacement.

Aluminium and its alloys are widely used in the production of electronic and microelectronic components, in particular, capacitors. It is also used to produce antennae, including TV antennae. This metal is used in radar construction. In some countries even pylons for power lines are made of aluminium. It is also well known in the production of transformers and rotor low-voltage motors.



Timelessness and industrial feel

Aluminium is newly discovered material when it comes to furniture production with a huge potential and wide range of shaping possibilities. Its structure gives an industrial look and feel. It has incredible strength, durability and sheer beauty, while being affordable and easy to manipulate.

Furniture made of aluminium is also fire and moisture-proof. It is not only is able to withstand the attack of fire, but also has the effect of moisture-proof. With this feature it is incomparable with the plate and solid wood furniture.


Solar power


We are the leaders in solar energy industry

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly form of renewable energy. It is harnessed using solar cells in solar panels of varying sizes, to convert solar energy into electricity for residential and commercial applications. Aluminum extrusion is helping to convert sunlight to green power with strong and light-weight state-of-the-art frames and structures for the solar energy industry. Aluminium components allow precision positioning and stability for improved productivity.

Aluminium extruded systems have exceptional performance, the lowest “total installed cost” (inc., material acquisition, extrusion, fabrication, transportation, subassembly and final field assembly) and an end-of-life value three times that of comparable steel systems.

Standard profiles


Common usage

Aluminium is light, but strong metal, not prone to corrosion, non-toxic and durable, and can be given virtually any desired shape. Emerus offers a wide range of standard aluminium profiles commonly used in all industries and homes; such as: corner profiles, T-type, U-type profiles, strips, rods, round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, etc.

Our company uses modern equipment and works according to the latest standards in quality, guaranteeing precision and quality that will meet its clients' demanding standards.


And many more...


Wide range of application

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, laptops, flat screen TVs, monitors and other equipment are using an increasing amount of aluminium. Aluminium combines beauty and practicality which defines its success in this industry. Gadgets in aluminium bodies look sophisticated and reliable, while remaining light and robust.

Aluminium producers are offering designers and engineers new and improved aluminium alloys, both anodised and not, polished and matt, smooth and rifled, that allows them to implement even the most complex and daring designer solutions that is what also makes it a perfect choice for luxury electronics brands.

Aluminium gives designers a lot of freedom in choosing the shape for their creations, as well as being easy to process and aesthetically pleasing. That is why we can also find it being used in tables, chairs, shutters, picture frames, lamps, decorative wall panels, air conditioning units and radiators..

With is growing popularity and recognition for aluminium the sky is the limit, wherever area you imagine it you can find it: packaging, sport gear, apparel etc. you name it, we provide it.